Chiraag Suchak

Technology Consultant (Capital Markets) at Accenture

Plans for the site

The site has only just launched and is still under construction. My plans for the site is to use it for storing my digital photography, videos and my monthly thoughts and portfolio.

IOS8 - Initial thoughts

My initial thoughts on IOS8 for Iphone is good. Battery life seems to be lightly on the weaker side, but apps will soon be optimised for IOS8 and the battery usage indicator is good. I am also amazed at how people are not doing backups before upgrading their operating systems. They are not doing local or cloud based backups. 600 pounds on a Phone and don't want to spend an hour backing up the information on it?

Man Utd - Current thoughts

I am currently disappointed with Manchester United. Our strikers are strong - Rooney, Falcao, Van Persie, and I am also impressed with Di Maria. However, I would like more money to be spent on defenders in January. Our problem lies in our defence, we do not have world class defenders. We need to sign a World class centre back in january in order to qualify for the Champions League this season.